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Meet the Presidents
To Whom We Owe Great Thanks

Meet APMM's Past Presidents

This section is dedicated to our past and present presidents. Hover over the past presidents to read a special personal message from each one!

President Message

Akitsugu Ishiguro

2007 - 2010

Maseda-san Edit.jpg

Kensaku Maseda

2010 - 2012


Masaaki Fujii

2012 - 2016


Takashi Seki

2021 - Present

Kimihiro Yonezawa

2016 - 2018

Hidehiro Kuwabara

2018 - 2021

Who We Thank

Who We Thank

APMM's success is very much a result of the original team who remained committed and worked tremendously hard through the toughest circumstances. We also would like to express gratitude to the groups and communities below who gave us support when we needed it most.

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA)

Since the beginning of the establishment of APMM, Toyota Motor North America has been supporting and coaching APMM (TABJ), which had never had business experience in the U.S.A., sometimes strictly but cordially as a group company. 

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky is the very first independent Toyota plant in North America. It has been 35 years since it was established. When APMM was established, TABJ's parent company system had not been developed yet, so they supported and coached us as a substantial parent company. Also, they have dispatched many valuable members to APMM either temporarily or on a long-term basis.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi (TMMMS)

They have accepted us as a partner in the production of Corolla, and have been promoting integrated activities such as independent research, human resource development, and cost reduction activities.
These activities are still going on today.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC)

Because Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada produces the Corolla (the same as APMM), we benchmarked many of their items and learned a lot from them. Also, they dispatched 3 excellent members to us. 

Toyotomi America Corporation (TAC)

Toyotomi America Corporation took over production of the Highlander as a tier 2 supplier to support APMM to be able to continue our business even while we could not run production due to the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Also, they accepted some of the employees who we hired then as dispatchers so that APMM could keep valuable human resources.

Toyota Boshoku Mississippi (TBMS)

Because Toyota Boshoku Mississippi has similar business size and type to APMM, they benchmarked themselves for us and shared beneficial information with us and coached us using Toyota Boshoku's U.S. network. 

Topre America

Topre America had only one business entity in North America then, because they established a business entity in the U.S.A. for the first time, which was the same as APMM. However, they benchmarked various items for APMM as a similar automobile parts manufacturer located in the South. Also, they gave us a lot of advice that was beneficial for all our divisions. 

Toyota Tsusho America (TAI)

Toyota Tsusho America gave us thorough advice and coached us on temporary office installation methods, insurance purchase methods, equipment transportation/installation methods, and how to communicate with logistics carriers and affiliated companies every time we needed support, because neither TABJ nor APMM knew anything about administrating business in North America when APMM was established. So, we have an alliance relationship in every business aspect and they are a good business partner. 

Community Development Foundation (CDF)

CDF offered a one-stop service of referring factory sites, supporting various administrative procedures, mediating between APMM and local residents, etc. to support APMM in being able to start up their plant. North Lee Industrial Park, where APMM is located now, was developed by CDF to invite new businesses. Also, CDF improved it additionally for us before the APMM plant was built. CDF prepared 10 incentive items to invite new businesses. In particular, the "site preparation cost" was extremely appealing, so APMM could obtain its factory site at an unprecedented price. The presented incentive required new businesses to hire 400 or more people, and APMM still has more than 400 employees today.

City of Guntown

The City of Guntown is a town about 15 miles north of Tupelo, MS in Lee County. APMM is located in the North Lee Industrial park off of highway 45 in Guntown, MS. With a 2020 population of 2,834, it is the 85th largest city in Mississippi. Guntown is currently growing at a rate of 0.75% annually and its population has increased by 36.05% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 2,083 in 2010. Guntown reached it's highest population of 2,834 in 2021. Spanning over 5 miles, Guntown has a population density of 608 people per square mile. Guntown is named for Virginia Loyalist émigré James G. Gunn (d. 1826) who found asylum among the Chickasaws in present-day Lee County, Mississippi.

City of Baldwyn

The City of Baldwyn is located north of Guntown. Baldwyn Career Advancement Center, which is a vocational school, is located in this city and introduces excellent students from the local community to APMM. The City of Baldwyn expects APMM to offer jobs for the young and become a community development leader. As evidenced, the City of Baldwyn established an automotive manufacturing program at the school. Also, in order to encourage students to have more hands-on learning experiences, APMM installed equipment to allow students to learn the basics of automotive manufacturing and donated a used robot.

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